Linking to Sock Hop Saturday Night’s Website

Instructions for Recording Groups or Artists

For original performing groups or artists that would like to link to the Sock Hop Saturday Night website, please use the following HTML (copy/paste) in your webpage.  Be sure to replace your name in the space provided.

Please Note: Sock Hop Saturday Night requires that you have at least one recording listed in the database.

<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"
style="width:500px;border:black 1px solid;background-color:white;">
<td><a href="" target="shsn">
<img src=""
alt="Visit Sock Hop Saturday Night"
title="Visit Sock Hop Saturday Night"></a></td>
<td><p style="font-family:verdana;font-size:10px;margin:11px;">
Request a song by
<!-- Replace the following with your information -->
(your name or your group&#8217;s name)
<!-- Replace the above with your information -->
from the <a href=""
target="shsn">Sock Hop Saturday Night database</a> &#8212; then
listen 8pm-Midnight Saturday Nights over the Internet at
<a href="" target="wlng">WLNG 92.1</a>
to hear your request.</p></td>


The HTML represented above will produce the following:
Visit Sock Hop Saturday Night

Request a song by (your name or your group’s name) from the Sock Hop Saturday Night database — then listen 8pm-Midnight Saturday Nights over the Internet at WLNG 92.1 to hear your request.

Return Links

After the above link has been placed on your website, please send an email to let us know where we can find the link.  Once your link has been verified, a return link will be placed on the Sock Hop Saturday Night "Links" page.