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These are testimonials direct from letters and cards submitted by not only fans, but others in the broadcast industry.

Want YOUR message posted? We'll do it! Just E-Mail us and be sure to note that the message is intended for the FAN'S COMMENTS page.

" I just want to say that you have the best show on Saturday nights to keep my weekends alive back to
a tradition when life was simpler back then and hearing most of these oldies from the sock hop era
brings back a lot of memories for me. I don't know of any oldies station today playing most/all of
these oldies on the radio today, that's why I continue to listen to your program, because it is always
been for me my favorite program every Saturday Night. Please keep Sock Hop alive and always the
best to you and your crew who always put this show together."
Vasilios J. Mousadakos, Astoria, NY

"Just can't get enough of the great music from my youth and Mark Edwards, Sock Hop Saturday is just the answer. The music that he plays is just tremendous.  Any way that we can get more nights or days of Mark and his fantastic music."
Kenneth, Bernville, PA

"Mark's insights into the tastes and wishes of his audience go beyond remarkable. Other than being forced to (twice) by his previous station, W*** in Bridgeport, he never stopped delivering exactly what the audience wanted...and he still does! Even the big shots in major markets don't seem to get the idea. WCBS-FM dropped oldies, and then low and behold, former music power station WABC-AM decides to add a Saturday night oldies music show to their all talk lineup, complete with the old jingles of the day, and (coincidentally?) a host named Mark. This tactic was also used by WDRC-FM in Hartford, but a lot less subtle, when they brought on their Sunday line up "The Sunday Night Sock Hop with Mark Andrews" and even went so far as to use the same closing theme song! Unfortunately, both their efforts fall far short of Edwards and Sock Hop, and WDRC eventually cancelled their poor imitator.

For nearly 11 years I listened to the program here in Connecticut on W***. Then, like most stations that have lost the memory of their past, they cancelled the show. What a great loss for a station that was once so highly rated, and helped launch the career of legend Dan Ingram. Now the station is practically an all talker, except for veteran Al Warren, who for what ever reason, is there only in the morning slot on weekends. One can only assume that their management cares little, or is just naturally inept, or both.

What a blessing it was that when W*** decided to tank this show, WLNG on Long Island had the sense to grab an opportunity awaiting. THANK YOU WLNG and your all-oldies programming. Just keep letting Edwards do what he does best. Sorry about rambling on, but the Christmas festive mood helped me decide that this is finally what needed to be said."

Del, Milford, CT

"I live in Wethersfield, CT, just South of Hartford, and I've been a fan of music from the fifties and early sixties, since that kind of music was the rage of the day. Unfortunately, these great songs are disappearing from most so called oldies stations throughout the country, except for shows found on local college stations. About a year ago, I discovered WLNG, and Sock Hop Saturday Night. Listening to Mark Edwards, I feel like I'm back where I belong. At first I only listened via the internet, because the signal was too weak, using an indoor antenna. Then during March of this year, I had a friend install a small FM beam in my attic, complete with a rotor. Most of the time, it's pointed towards WLNG, and 95 percent of the time the signal is like a local station. In this modern age, where corporate radio is choosing to ignore the best and greatest music, Sock Hop Saturday Night is there to make sure the Big Beat continues on. Hats off to Mark and Larry!! Rock On"

Roger, Wethersfield, CT

"The first time I ever listened to Sock Hop Saturday Night was last Saturday, Oct 8. What a blast; 1955 to 1962 and a bit! The computer is mine every Saturday night from now on."
Jim, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

"All the way from Manila, Philippines, I would like to personally thank you both, Mark and Larry for making our Saturday nights (my Sunday morning though) something to look forward to. Your radio program has touched the lives of me and David as you have built a bridge to connect us thru the songs you play. More power to you and looking forward to listening to your radio program till I reach 50 or 60."
Carmencita, Manila, Philippines

"Mark, Camenciita and I want to thank you for your time on Saturday nights to bring so many of us together. It's a blessing to meet so many great people including you and Larry. It means a lot to us to be able to look back to our growing up years. Again, the other station's loss is WLNG's gain....thank you for all you do."
David, Toldeo OH

"Sock Hop Saturday Night is a show that plays music that deserves to be heard.  It is hosted by Mark Edwards who knows the music, how to present it and how to communicate with the people that enjoy early rock and roll. Now that the number of oldies stations are eeminishing, this show is more necessary than ever. Thank you Mark and WLNG for keeping this kind of music and radio alive on the air."

Larry, Stamford, CT

"Mark, thrilled that you are back on the air. What a great Christmas gift to us all!"
Bob, Shelton, CT

"My tradition is back!! I was in a rut ever since you left, now my brother and I can have Sock Hop parties at our house again!! The only show of its kind!"

Bill, New Haven, CT

"I love the Request link. From time to time I use it. So many great songs from the past you don't hear. Sock Hop Saturday Night is priceless. Great to read the messages and find so many who share the love of the music from those golden years."

Rudy, Chester, CT

"Mark Edwards is a great addition to WLNG. His Sock Hop Saturday Night show rocks!! I am an advocate for the preservation of oldies from the 50's and your station is in the forefront of this cause. Go get em' Mark!"
Gene, Manorville, LI, NY

"I was so happy to find out Mark was back on radio.   Saturday nights are fun again.  That other radio station is off my preset and happily replaced with 92.1.  Thanks for bringing back Mark and the Sock Hop."
Dina, Bridgeport CT

"Man!!!! It is about time to once again hear that voice and that show on Saturday nite. My wife Lynn and I have been so out of it on Saturday nite since you were off the air. Mark and Larry, we are so glad that you have found your voice again and we are the better for it now that Sock Hop is back on with a staion that will SUPPORT IT !!!! So thanks from both of us that you had stayed persistant and believed in your talent!!!! Cause that is what you have ......TALENT and that is the thing that sets you apart from all the rest. Lynn and I want to extend to you both the best the new station and your talent has to offer."
Steve, Bridgeport CT

"What can I say? You guys are the greatest! {That other radio station} were fools for letting you get away. WLNG is the only station I listen to now because they were bright enough to recognize how great you guys are, plus the rest of their programming format is better than anything I've heard, bar none! It's like being back in the late 50's all over again. Keep up the outstanding work!"
Ray, Milford CT

"What a great loss to the radio audience it was when {that radio station} dropped your Sock Hop Saturday night show.  I rarely tune in the station anymore.  Too much canned programing and not enough personal shows like yours.  Hope it will all work out and you and your show will be back on air as soon as possible." 
Nancy, CT

"Mark & Larry, thank you for keeping an important era alive.  Rock & roll is in our hearts forever and with your delivery, your voice and your knowledge brings us back to those days in a flash." 
Nancy, Branford CT

"Mark, GREAT to know you'll be back on the radio where you belong!  You know I love the chat room on PalTalk, all the friendly people and the wonderful songs everyone plays.  Since there is no "real" oldies, and cetainly no doowop, music in west Texas, I look forward to Saturday nights and all the great music in the Sock Hop Saturday Night chat room on PalTalk.  Thank you, Mark & Larry, for keeping the music ALIVE!" 
Lorna, Midland TX

"Good to see you will be back on the airwaves. Now I have an excuse to visit the USA again. Your show is the best."
Hugh, KENT, UK, England

"Mark, have been in shock since you left the air. We miss the show and your personality. Saturday nights haven't been the same. Hope to hear you soon, what ever station you broadcast from. {that radio station} sure did make a mistake (again). With much anticipation and respect, John (from Vazzy's) P.S miss Larry too!" 
John, Trumbull CT

"Greatest show that i've listen to in a long time. So please hurry back Mark and Larry, we miss the both of you. Can't what to hear the two of you on the air again."
Kathy, Milford CT

"Great show, great music, great host. I listen on PalTalk. Before that, [the radio station] on the internet. It wouldn't be Saturday night without the show and Mark, MR. Saturday Night." 
Al, Houston TX

"For many years I have been listing to  Mark and his radio program. He is one of the most professional broadcasters in the field. His dedication to the high standards of professionalism and quality are a tribuite to him, his show and the listners who grew up with his music and to the new audience he continues to develop. Thanks for being there." 
Jim, Milford CT

"The music is so wonderful   I have given up TV on Saturday night !   Keep the music playing !"
Barbara, Stratford CT

"Love you're show. you & larry do an excellent job every week."
Roger, Milford CT.

"My husband and I are the last house on the main road thru to Canada and it is great that a friend informed us about this site. We live in the "boonies" and do not see people for days. It is a joy to hear the good music from past years when we were raising our kids. The chat room is great as we can not get TV in these parts. Saturday night now brings music back ito our life. Thank you !!! Pal Talk is great."
Joyce, Moscow, ME. (Chat room was formerly at PalTalk.com)

"Awsome page ! Truly is . And it fits the Tri-states best disc jockey as well ! Great Job Mark ! Keep it up and all the best to you and Good Luck !!! You are the Man !" 
Jim, Bridgeport, CT

"Mark brings a smile to my face and makes me laugh...he has the greatest personality and wonderful voice! You ust gotta love him!!!! I am getting all my friends hooked on him." 
Georgette, Bridgeport, CT

"My wife and I think you do one excellent job on Saturday Night. When you are not on because of a ball game, she is so disappointed. Also, when you voice your opinion on any given subject, we always agree 150% with you. Keep up the good work and remember: Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay! Thanks for the memories." 
Nick and Barbara, East Haven, CT

"Mark, This is a difficult time for all of us; your wonderfully warm personality and masterful voice together with your unparalled music collection are just what we need to see us through. Thank you for the best contribution of all... Sock Hop Saturday Night is a pint of morale!"
Lora, Stratford, CT

"Hi Mark - Just a note to let you know what a great show you have !!! You take me back 40 years every Saturday night. Where have all those years gone to,bro ??? I grew up on Yonkers Ave in the late '50s & early '60s and knew the guys from the Mello-Kings from the neighborhood (also later worked with Bobby Scholtz at Ma Bell). Also remember Dion & Belmonts, Regents and all the other great groups from Fordham Rd in the Bronx (Cousin's record store on Fordham Rd was the place to go - you'd actually run into all these guys in there). I met Dion in '94 when he was singing in a club in West Palm Beach & he was still the nicest guy you would ever meet. Your show is the best - keep playing that great old time Rock'n'Roll and R&B" 
Bill, Miller Place, NY

"Sorry to hear that you are leaving the air...although I am a Yankee fan, and you are giving way to my team... good Doowop radio is becoming a lost art...and we still need guys like you to keep the sound going strong." 
Stu, Long Island, NY

"It seemed like only yesterday when I heard of your show Mark...in fact that was 4 years ago. I called in and requested numerous songs and enjoyed hearing them and what not. when I heard the show was going off the air i was very much disappointed that such a tragedy was going to happen. I wondered to myself..."what is the reason such a damn good show is going off the air?" I found out the reason today online here and that was the adding of other programming to the time slot of the Sock Hop show; which I think is ludicrous. That on the radio station's part is very stupid. If a show is number one...why would they limit it? What is the rationale there? Shame on whomever at [the station] thought of such a ridiculous plan. Mark you did make the right decision in pulling the show off....because if it was left on, things would get worse as you have said. Hopefully, the fans will have a uprising and demand the show be put back on, which will make the station see the folly of its ways. I am sure one day you may be back on the air. Until that day the fans will keep you and Sock Hop in our memories. Mark you did a hell of a job..the fans will miss you. Good luck in your future endeavors and may the best show of all time live on forever. Sincerely, Jason, a long time listener."
Jason, Stratford, CT

"We need a few more broadcasts like yours...not less. I hope you return...best wishes"
Chris, Fort Myers, FL

"There is not enough room for me to rave about the show."
Marie, Seldon, LI, NY

"I think the show is geat because it brings back those memories for me and he plays all kinds of oldies."
Frank, North Haven, CT

"I look forward to your broadcast every Saturday night, love the program."
Bob, Shelton CT

"SHSN show is just awesome. I'm so glad I found it. The memories the tunes inspire feel so good. Alan Freed and Murray the K would be proud."
Bart, West Haven CT

"Best 5 hours of music I had heard in a long time."
Bob, Milford CT

"Many radio stations feature music for the listeners' pleasure, including your own...Sock Hop is more than good - it is an event! What makes this so is the unique personality of Mark Edwards...you have a gold mine in Mark..."
Mary Jane, Milford CT

"You are the best DJ going..." 
Phyllis, Fairfield CT

"I appreciate you having Mark Edwards on your radio station on Saturday nights...I am telling all my friends to listen to the wonderful sounds of the 50's & 60's oldies but goodies he plays. He reminds me of those great DJ's of the past like Murray the K and Alan Freed. Please encourage him to stay on the air forever."
Gary, Bridgeport CT



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