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Remember my old station? So do I and I am still trying to forget. But it seems that over there, the biggest news story for 2007 was the firing of their long time morning show and Sunday ethnic program host. The incident was barely 12 hours old when the phone calls began pouring into my home, from friends and fans who wanted to know if I had heard the news, and various media outlets hoping I would supply a little insider dirt on the matter. Wishing to keep those memories repressed and continue to work on my own tell-all project, I respectfully declined any interviews.

As predicted, this "flush" didn't go over well with the stations listeners, and editorials and angry letters began to crowd the spaces in newspaper columns and web blogs alike. The calls to my house and E-mails galore continued to pour in, directing me to read this or check out that. To be frank, I went through pretty much the same thing there and this current incident surprised me for barely a few moments.

But one of the E-Mails we got was from a big Sock Hop fan, Ray in Milford. He E-Mailed (Executive Proucer) Larry O'Neill and I with a copy of a letter that he intended to send to the editor of the Connecticut Post, the big Bridgeport paper that already had a slew of scathing letters hit the presses. I read Ray's letter and assumed the folks at The Post wouldn't print it, or at least they would edit out any reference to myself, Larry and the Sock Hop program. To that end I give The Post a big "thumbs up" ..... they printed Ray's letter practically verbatim! And they posted it right in the middle of several other nasty-grams about my old station. THANKS RAY! My response to the Editor is now in line.

We have taken the liberty of posting these letters for you to read as well. You can read Ray's Letter To The Editor by itself or read the entire column of station bashing goodness that The Post was kind enough to print. Please note I openly admit that the layout view of the Editoral Page is NOT as it was printed by The Post, but graphically reworked to remove unrelated material and to make it fit within the confines of this website. However, not a single printed word contained therein was in any way altered or changed.

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